Live Sessions

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It was hosted by Avin Hernández, music lover and legendary DJ from Santo Domingo. In these two hours, his music transported us to the beginnings of alternative and electronic music, with post-punk, new wave, industrial and vintage electronics, selecting from a powerful collection of vinyls and his particular way of driving.

Sacando Clavos

It was hosted by Pote Leche, advertising creative, DJ and illustrator, and Tabare Blanchard, director of the production company La visual Sonora, surfer and intense music lover. Pote and Taba showed us music that perhaps we had never heard and that we did not plan to hear again, with their vast musical knowledge they brought us their fun selection that did not respond to eras or genres; a show full of surprises hosted by two very special personalities.

Boom Bap

It was Hosted by Omar Suarez Castillo (Sin Fin), along with Lo Correcto and a group of collaborators. They produced live sessions and interviews about the urban world and local and international Hip Hop music.

Especiales Zulu

Show directed to produce and present events and specialties produced by Zulu Productions.

Sesión de Musica Rebelde

It was hosted by José Gandour from Bogota Colombia. Promoter of independent Latin American music, director of Web Girante since 1999, recognized in Colombia for his Zona magazine incidents in Rock al Parque and other festivals of great importance. It showed us what sounded the most and what entertained us in Latin America, covering all genres (Latin, punk, pop, rock, electronic) from a continental point of view.

Stereoptico FM

It was Hosted by Ronald Kohn, Jorge Read “Cohoba” and Noel Lamarche, DJs and producers who graduated from the Red Bull Music Academy. During these two hours, they gave us a selection of fresh music, with the latest trends and releases from the most important indie labels in the world.


It was an entourage concept. Live presentation by various local and international DJs.

Oido al Tambor

It was led by Marsie Gonzalez and the idea was centered on the creation of a global network of social actors for Save the Children as an organization that has been fighting for children’s rights for almost 100 years and has been leading in 129 countries around the world.


It was Hosted by Auro and Nicole Dupont. It was a space dedicated to reporting on music and news from Zulu Radio, it received visitors who shared their music, responded to immediate requests and reported on the most important events to take place in the world of music and art in the country.

Other Featured Shows

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